Valcom VIP-148L-M-IC


Código del producto: VIP-148L-M-IC

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Valcom VIP-148L-M-IC IP TalkBack Horn (Blanco) para los sistemas InformaCast
Valcom VIP-148L-M-IC IP TalkBack Horn (White) for InformaCast systems

The Valcom VIP-148L-M-IC is a marine white IP Paging horn capable of 2-way audio for use with InformaCast systems. It is also offered in beige, gray, and SIP enabled models.

Valcom VIP-148L-M-IC Product Overview

The VIP-148L IP Talkback Horn enables two-way handsfree voice access to a single location over an IP-based network. This allows a page zone extension anywhere on the network. The VIP-148 audio level is electronically adjusted via software. A call switch input connection is provided for call initiation, and a line level Auxiliary Input allows connection to a local audio source. Power is provided to this Valcom Horn via a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch meeting the 802.3af specification.

Valcom VIP-148L-M-IC Features:
PoE (802.3af) - No Local Power Required
Very High-Efficiency Ensures Penetration
at Lower Energy Consumption Weather-Resistant
Include Long Line Extender Allowing Cabling Up to 1200 Feet
Offer Peer-to-Peer Operation
Line Output Supports Amplified Speakers
Optional Wall Volume Controls Available
Backboxes Available for Some Speakers